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Description & Features

The Our wheel Balancing Stand is designed such that no adjustment of its frame is required. The stand can be placed directly on the approximate surface plane and the wheel can be balanced. There are no adjustment knobs or bubble – drope required. The roller runout is ensured within 0.005 mm and the rollers are fitted with bearings to reduce friction to the minimum.

Keeping grinding wheels pre-fitted with Flanges will result in quicker change- over of wheels and thus improved productivity.

The Stand frames are made of Cast iron. The rollers are made of carbon steel and ground to a superior finish.
The stand can balance wheels up to 450 mm

Care in use

Before balancing a wheel ensure the frames sit firmly on the ground.
Ensure the rollers are cleaned before balancing. Protect the roller from being damaged by bending.
Ensure the tie rods do not get bent to avoid damaging the complete stand.