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Back Plates / Intermediate Plates


a) Intermediate Plate
b) Adopter Plate
c) Flange
d) Adaptor Flange

Description & Features:

The Our Backplates are made of special cast iron and are very sturdy in design. The tapers on the Backplates are manufactures to a close tolerance, giving a very close fit to the spindle, thus ensuring a high degree of accuracy.

Selection of Backplates :

The Backplates should be chosen to suit the spindle of the machine. The common spindles are A type, D Type, L Type and threaded spindles.
Having dtermined the type of spindle, then the size of the Backplate should be selected. For instance, in the A Type of spindle there can be A4,A5,A6 and so on.
The diameter of the Backplate should be chosen so that it is more than the diameter of the chuck . The extra diameter should then be machined, on the same machine on which the chuck is to be mounted. After maintaing a close fit, the chuck should be mounted on this diameter.