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Our sister company “GUTTAL TECHNICAL SERVICES” are into the manufacturing of Micro controller based electronic equipments for process measurement and control in different industries, R&D Centers, Educational Institutions. Some of the instruments manufactured by us used in the measurement of:

   ⇒   Displacement
   ⇒  Strain
   ⇒  Pressure
   ⇒  Load
   ⇒  Temperature
   ⇒  Torque
   ⇒  Force
   ⇒  Flow
   ⇒  Machine Tool dynamometer Speed.

Also Complete test rig to measure various parameteres of Motor, Pump, Gear Box, Actuators & custom made equipment with computer interfacing. We are best known in the industry with decades of presence. Most of the Valve & Gear Box manufacturers are our satisfied clients.
Major among them are:
∗  M/s Grasim Industries ltd
∗  M/s BDK Process Controls P.LTd
∗  M/s Hawa Valves(India)
∗  M/s Microfinish Valves ltd
∗  M/s Virgo Engineers-
∗  M/s FOURESS Engg ltd
∗  M/s Bombay Engg ltd
∗  M/s Ameya Transmission-Gear box torque is tested on our test rig(up to 10000kgm)
∗   M/s Perfect Actuators- Gear box torque testrig(up to 10000kgm).Both Static & Cyclic
∗  M/s Reva Electric Car company ltd-Braking force
∗  M/s Kateel Engg-Rotary Torque testing of brakes(up to 1000kgm)
∗  Xo

Our pressure indicators are OE accessory on their Hydraulic Torque wrench equipment with ‘SIMPLEX’ make Hydraulic Power Packs.(100s of indicators are satisfactorily owking in different climatic conditions at Shipyard, Steel Plant, Railway workshops, Mines, Heavy engg industries etc) Some of the photographs are displayed in our product gallary