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Faceplate Plain


a) Dog Plate
b)Slotted Plate for mounting boring mill jaws

Description & Features:

The Our Faceplates are made very robust in construction, using extra thick sections made of a very good quality cast iron. Faceplates are machined to suit the machine on which they are to be mounted, and have a high degree of flatness and square ness which enables convenient mounting of fixtures.

Selection of Faceplates:

The diameter of the Faceplates should be less than the swing of the machine. A Faceplate must be chosen for the machine on which it is to be mounted.

Care in Use:

When mounting fixtures on Faceplates care should be taken that the T nuts are square to the face of the plate, and clamping is uniform.
As heavy and non-uniform jobs are generally mounted on faceplates, it is recommended that the Faceplates be run at the lowest possible speed.
Excessive tightening by use of pipes, etc., may lead to cracking, in case the support points are non-uniform.