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Fixed Type Snap Gauge
Caliper Gauge
OD Check Caliper Gauge ( for checking grooves)
Gap Gauge

Description & Features:

The Sonalkar Snap Gauges are made of superior quality high carbon chrome alloy steel, hardened to 58-60 HRC, to provide a high degree of wear resistance.
The Snap Gauges are manufactured to close tolerances such as to ensure optimum life of the Gauges yet offer minimal manufacturing tolerance. The Gauges are properly stabilized to prevent dimensional inaccuracies and ensure stability throughout their use.

Common Uses

The Sonalkar Snap Gauges are mainly used to measure ODs off components manufactured to specified tolerances. The Gauges with knife – edges are used to check grooves.
The snap Gauges are commonly used in areas of mass production where components (whose ODs are checked) are machined to specified tolerances for interchangeable fit with male parts.

Care in Use

All Snap Gauges must be stored carefully in a dust-free environment and protected by periodic application of rust preventives.
All Snap Gauges should be checked periodically and recalibrated, if required.
The components to be inspected must be cleaned thoroughly before using a Snap Gauge.