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Lathe Inspection Mandrels

Description & Features:

The Sonalkar Inspection Mandrels are made of hardented and stabilized steel.For easy usage and accuracy the Mandrels are provided with properly ground and lapped centres, recessed at both ends for protection from damage.
The 4 reference lines(r) are spaced 90 apart on the Mandrel cycliner ( ref. 1,2,3,4 in fig. 2) for use in testing machines. In Morse and Metric Tapers, the Mandrels are self- holding in the socket ( ref. fig. 2) A threaded hole is provided to fit a nut to extract the Mandrel from the socket.
In steep tapers or ISO tapers, a tapped hole is provided for fixing the Mandrel with a threaded retaining pin(ref. fig. 3)
To avoid the mandrel cylinder surface from being ‘turned’ ( by grinding) the mandrel has an extension (ref.p in fig. 4) 14 to 32 mm in length and of slightly less diameter than of the mandrel cylinder.

Care in Use

All Inspection Mandrels must be stored in a dust- free place preferably in individual wooden boxes. Also keep Mandrels rust-free by periodic application of rust preventives
The spindle bore should be cleaned properly before fitting a Mandrel.
All Mandrels must be cleaned properly, both before and after use, with a clean soft cloth or chamois leather