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Pipe Centres
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Description & Features

The Our Pipe Rotating Centres (Pipe Centres) are capable of withstanding axial loads, thrust and radial loads.
The front cones are made of high chromium alloy steel, hardened to 60-62 HRC. The shankes are made of low carbon alloy steel, hardened to 30-40 HRC.
The cones, usually of 60 taper, house also the bearings. For periodic lubrication of the bearings. For periodic lubrication of the bearings, oil nipples are provided on the cones.
The Our Pipe Centres are designed and made to turn pipes efficiently and with minimal runout. And eliminate over hanging of cones, a common problem with other pipe centres.

Common Uses

The Our Pipe Centres can be mounted on both headstocks and tailstocks of lathes to turn or thread pipes rollers, drums,etc.

M.T. 2 Capacity M.T.3 Capacity M.T.4 Capacity M.T.5 Capacity M.T.6 Capacity
25-50 25-50 40-75 50-80 65-100
30-65 30-65 50-80 65-100 75-125
40-75 40-75 65-100 75-125 -
  50-80 75-125 - -

Care in use

Frequent cleaning and lubrication are necessary to maximize the life of Pipe Centres.
The cones must be protected form metal particles and dust entering and damaging the bearings.
When not in use, protect the shanks of Pipe Centres by applying rust preventives.